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The Mango Man Diet presents you with an opportunity to target a massive consumer base.  This proven diet product is not only a winner in the weight loss arena but it is also highly effective in the areas of health, nutrition, wellness, and fitness.

The Mango Man Diet is named after it’s developer, Dr. Wayne Pickering, the Mango Man.  For the record, the diet has little to do with eating mangos.  It has everything to do with weight loss done right.  It is in fact . . . the healthiest diet on the planet.  Thousands of positive testimonials speak to the incredible success and amazing benefits of the program.

Here you will find a variety of tools for assisting you in your marketing efforts including:

  • banner ads
  • pre-written articles for your blogs and reviews
  • copy for your email campaigns

All you need to do to get started as a Mango Man Diet affiliate is to setup an account with  Clickbank.  With your affiliate ID and these promotional materials you can customize you web marketing to fit your area of interest and expertise.

We also offer you a generous 50% commission on sales.  So take advantage of this great opportunity to sell into a wide-open market with a tried and proven high conversion product, the Mango Man Diet

Clickbank Affiliate Sign Up Process from
Dr. Wayne THE MANGO MAN Pickering

Welcome and if you are not already an affiliate of ClickBank then follow the following Step by Step procedure to make this all work simply for you.

If you are an affiliate then begin at Step-2.

Step-1= Go to https://accounts.clickbank.com/signup/  and sign up as an affiliate.

Step-2= Once you’ve signed up as an affiliate you will get a Username and Password in your email inbox. Please save that and then Log In here https://www.clickbank.com/login.htm.  Now enter your Username & Password and it will take you to Your Account Home Page “Welcome to Click Bank!”

Step-3= After you read this page go to the top and click on Marketplace

Step-4= Now on this page you will see a Search Button where you enter Mango Man Diet in there and it will take you right to the page where it shows you The Mango Man Diet . Then hit the button PROMOTE

Step-5= When you hit the PROMOTE Button then it will ask you for your Username and Password then hit CREATE and it will bring you to Your Affiliate Link. Copy the top link to put in your affiliate letters on your Affiliate Resource Page.  The bottom link is for websites and that sort of thing.

Step-6= Now that you have your link you can use the TOOLS (email copy, banners, and articles) to send people to your The Mango Man Diet Affiliate link. Use them any way you like. i.e. Blog; Your Email Database; Your Website and whatever other source you have in mind.

Links to the tools:

==>>Banner Ad Images

==>>Email Campaigns

==>>Written Articles


Call me if you have any questions whatsoever. 386-441-4487 –or- 866 MangoMan (626-4662)

Dr. Wayne Pickering “The Mango Man” www.MangoManDiet.com