Eliminate Indigestion – Conquer Acid Reflux – Wipeout Heartburn

Abolish Cramps – Annihilate Bloating – Overcome Diarrhea

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“Weigh No More Food

Count No More Calories

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Dear Dr. Wayne,
I traveled in Europe and the U.S. I could pick up a menu in any restaurant and find exactly what I needed to eat. Eating fruit for breakfast makes it so easy to travel. The best part is that I’ve “lost that bloated feeling.” For 15 years, I suffered from abdominal bloating. It got so that I could not bear the feeling of anything against my tummy, such as clothes or pantyhose. Almost immediately after changing my diet, the bloating stopped.

My digestion improved enormously. Now I know what they mean by being regular. What a change! Thank you so much for all your help and support.

Please feel free to use this testimonial in your marketing.


Rita Risser

CEO, Fair Measures Corporation

With The Mango Man Diet you’ll have Amazing Energy. You will Wake Up in the Morning Ready to Go and You Rarely Feel the Ups and Downs in your Energy During the Day! Your Endurance will Sky Rocket!

Get a Test Drive on the Way of Eating that’s Changed the Lives of Tens of Thousands of Men and Women around the Globe and could End Your Digestive Problems for Good! You WILL:

  • Enjoy a Flatter Belly and Thinner Thighs
  • Boost your Stamina + Focus + Energy + Sex Drive
  • Have Kid’s Meals that Guarantee NO Tears and NO Tantrums
  • Stop Suffering from Embarrassing Burping and Gas PLUS End the Gurgling Gastritis Attacks


Is the Light of your Life…

the Light Bulb in your Refrigerator?

Top of the day to you
Yes! There is Good News for you from the Center for Nutrition and Life Management. The Healthiest Diet on the Planet is Here and within moments of right now you’ll discover:
  • What’s for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
  • What to Eat when Dining Out
  • How to Maximize your Energy Levels, Exposing the Difference Between Energy
  • Gaining & Energy Draining Foods
  • How to Perform Better as an Athlete & at your Job
  • The 3 Commandments of Eating while Improving Digestion
  • How to Spell “Relief” Real Fast
  • How to Go from Bulked to Buffed
  • How to Blast Fat Fast as you Flatten your Belly
  • Your Best Health after 40
  • How to have Younger Skin



There are 7 Phases to

The Mango Man Diet

Phase 1

6-Hour Mango Man’s Nutrition Audio Program

$120.00 Value

Ever Enter a Beauty Contest and Nobody Won?Mangoman diet Nutrition

Enjoy 6 Hours Nutrition Audio Programs so you can go from Fat to Flat + No More Pain or Burning in the Chest so you will Sleep Soundly Every Night to Finally Rid Yourself of the Sour Taste in your Mouth, the Horrible Burning in your Throat & the Problematic Snoring at Night.

In these 6-Hour Action Packed Audio
Programs on Nutrition you will discover:


  • What exactly is Good Nutrition
  • The 3 Natural Laxatives
  • Why never to use Microwaving to prepare food
  • All about Food Irradiation. How does it work and is it really that bad for us
  • How do we Read Labels
  • All about the very toxic Fructose
  • How to go out and Shop Smarter
  • What’s all the hype about Glycemic Index
  • Are Hemp Hearts good for health
  • All about Food Combining
  • Where do Vitamins fit in the healthy lifestyle
  • How to be aware of the Different Colors Of Food and refuse the colors that are added to our food source
  • How do we get our Kids To Start Eating More Fruits And Vegetables?
  • All about the Acid/Alkaline Balance and how to use it to keep disease non-existent in your life
  • What about being a Vegetarian? Is it really healthier and if we just don’t opt to do it what are the ramifications?
  • Thoughts on Sprouts as part of your dietary habits.
  • About Seasonal Foods and why should you be concerned about that?
It has been about three months since I started your nutrition program. I would like to tell you about the results I am enjoying. Being in the latter part of my 77th year of life, I am happy that I contacted you for help with my Acid Re-Flux Problem. The favorable results of being on your program so far are: Lowered Blood Pressure, Improved Sleep, Improved Skin Condition, More Energy, Weight Loss, and Taste Buds Increased.
Jean R. Truden

Indianpolis, IN

Phase 2

27 Lessons on Food Combining for Health & Longevity

$270.00 Value

“The Mango Man Diet” includes:Food Combining

27 Daily Lessons on Food Combining for those who are Serious about Wanting to Conquer ACID REFLUX, Wipe Out HEARTBURN & Totally Eliminate INDIGESTION! Here’s How to Alleviate Constipation and Irregularity + End the Gurgling Gastritis Attacks + Banish Mood Swings, Headaches + Stop Suffering From Embarrassing Burping and Gas.


This will likely be the Most Eye-Opening and Liberating Part of your Mango Man Diet Program. Learn and Apply These Principles and you will see your Health Improve Dramatically:


You’ll Discover

  • The 20 Minute Path To Obesity
  • The Danger of Grain
  • Compatible Food Combining = “The Science of Nutrition”
  • The Perfect Diet
  • Fooling the Public
  • Starving in the Land of Plenty
  • What you Should Eat Throughout your Day
  • 5 Vital Food Points
  • 5 Rules For Perfect Eating
  • Things to keep you Healthy all of the time
  • If Nutrition Heals Disease?
  • All about Supplements – “To be or not to be?”
  • How to maintain A Healthy Self-Image
Since I purchased Your Program, WOW as it’s goodbye to 28 years of improper nutrition, NEVER Dreaming in that time that Bad Food Combinations were the cause of my Belching, Flatulence, Heartburn, Constipation & Diarrhea, etc. I’m looking forward to a long healthy life & I owe it all to you.
Robert Boovy

Metairie, LA

Phase 3

2-Hours Audio – The S.A.D. Truth about High Protein Diets

$87.00 Value

You Haven’t Failed At Dieting,

Dieting Has Failed You!

Learn from 5 Key Leaders in the Field of Nutrition. They set the record straight on High Protein Diets. With this 2 Hour and 15 Minute Audio Program you will discover:S.A.D. Truth about protiens

  • Why People Lose Weight on this Program
  • If Insulin Resistance Really Elevates Blood Sugars, Insulin, Tri-Glycerides, Blood Pressure, and Excess Body Weight? And if not, what does?
  • Why do these Diets Only Appear to help People Lose Weight and Lower Their Cholesterol?
  • Why We Can’t Learn the Truth about Proper Eating in our Schools?
  • What role Nutrition plays with Disease?
  • What is the Solution for Heart Disease, which is the Number One Killer of Men and Women in the United States?
  • Is there a Negative Impact of High Protein Diets on Bone Density?
  • Can a High Protein Diet Contribute to Prostate Enlargement and Cancer in men?
  • Realize a Remarkable Improvement in your Circulation
  • What is the Relationship of this Diet to Healthy Aging and the Quality of Life?

Don’t miss this Compelling Audio Program on the Reality of High Protein Diets. A Distinguished Panel including Michael Klaper M.D., Douglas Graham D.C., Frank Sabatino Ph.D., D.C. and Jeff Novick, R.D. joins Dr. Wayne, “The Mango Man”.

My energy has been restored, my weight has dropped from 242 to 218, and I have energy for walks and exercise, and I do not crave sugars, processed foods, or even Poor Combinations. Your effortless plan is truly a natural way to live and eat. Thank you!
Roger C. Thurmond

Sr. VP - Principal, Genesis Air, Inc.

Phase 4

139 Articles and 400 Recipes C/D ROM

$198.00 Value


“They Laughed At My Recipes

Until They Sat Down To Eat!”

“Get Fitter Faster and Stay Slimmer in the Winter”400 recipes

“The C/D ROM” includes 400 Delicious, Fast, Easy, Highly Nutritious Recipes even if you hate to cook all Combined for Perfect Digestion! You will Cherish Great Ideas for any Kitchen with 60-Second Power Breakfasts, Meals in Minutes and Dinner on the Double so you Can Spend Less Time in the Kitchen and More Time with Your Family while still Eating 3-5 Delicious Meals a Day!
“The C/D ROM” also includes:

Over 130 Startling, Life Changing Stress, Fitness, Health and Nutrition Articles to help you Be Fit and Fabulous over Forty, Feisty at Fifty and Sexy at Sixty so you can get Older and Better and NOT Old and Bitter!

This is the fun part of the Mango Man Diet. Dr. Wayne gives you 400 recipes to help you easily follow your program. You get great ideas like 60-second Power Breakfasts, Meals in Minutes and Dinner on the Double.

Meals are Beautifully Organized with the Right Combinations for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. Dr. Wayne even covers “What To Eat When Dining Out” plus Plenty of Snacks and Delicious Healthy Ice Cream Recipes. Who would have ever thought that Ice Cream for Breakfast could be Healthy?

These Healthiest of Recipes and Healthful Articles will empower you to Achieve Remarkable Results that will Last a Lifetime.

This is your Natural Guide to a Better Mood, More Energy and Less Stress. Dr. Wayne provides you with Easy to Understand Ideas that will give the Nutritional Side of your Life an Extraordinary Boost.

The Article Series Covers Sound Principles for Weight Loss, Relieving Stress, Tips for Fitness, and Sound Advice to Get You and Keep You in the Best Health of your Life.

When You Step on the Scale.

Does it say WIDE LOAD?


“The Mango Man Diet” includes: 3 Special Reports on Nutrition to show you the 3 Foods to Avoid at All Cost and enjoy The 3 Commandments of Eating to help you

  • Have LESS Body FAT.
  • Notice Skin Problems DISAPPEARING.
  • Embrace Constipation becoming a THING OF THE PAST.
  • Improve your Sex Life. “A trick to last longer!”
  • Love that your Clothes fit BETTER.
  • Have SWEETER smelling Breath.
  • Notice IMPROVED Circulation.
  • Enjoy Sleeping MORE SOUNDLY.
  • Be relieved with LESS Nervous Tension.
This is the best single source of health information that I have ever come across. This is what taught me how to eat properly. And because of this I have not had a headache in 19 years. I used to not leave the house without Rolaids in my pocket. And I used to go through a bottle of aspirin every couple of months but now I have totally eliminated those 2 crutches out of my life all because of your program.
Larry Satterfield

Natural Foods Market, Midland, TX

I have lost 20 pounds, my blood pressure is now normal, my cholesterol is normal, and the lowest it’s ever been. I feel great. I have more energy and at the age of 55 I can go out and swim over a mile in the ocean and not even feel tired. I’m doing things I’ve never been able to do before and I owe it all the Dr. Wayne Pickering.
Warren Greshes

Chapel Hill, NC

Phase 5

The Perfect Diet – Special Report

$23.00 ValueSpecial Report

Dieting is a way of starving to death so you can live longer. This Special Report will show you how to Eat More, Live More and Weigh Less.

You will discover that there is incredible power in Eating (NOT Dieting) the right way. We hear over and over again about the importance of making right choices. This Special Report will help you to make the right choices with regard to the food that you eat.

With the cost of medical care going out of the roof, it is good to know that there is a way to avoid those costs by keeping yourself in good health. The foundation for that good health is your daily Positive Thoughts, Consistent Fitness and Sound Nutrition


I have been wanting to change the way I eat but I didn’t know how to change or who to believe about what was good and what was bad for you. Your plan really makes sense. Since I started eating the proper foods at the right time in the right combinations, I have noticed a big increase in my energy levels. I feel much better (de-stressing) and many days I even skip my vitamins without noticing any lack of energy. Maybe I no longer need vitamins. I feel a lot better now and I even started to lose some weight, about ten pounds so far, in about two weeks. It’s great. Thanks!
Keith Wilhelm

East Palestine, OH

My weight is still going down and I have lost 82 pounds to date. I will be in Canada for the month of August and hope to have reached my goal of 100 pounds lost by that time. The friends I will be visiting do not know about the weight loss and it will be a lot of fun when I get off the plane to see if they recognize me as it has made a tremendous impact on my appearance. Thanks again.
Hazel King


Phase 6

SAD Truth about High Protein Diets – Special Report

$37.00 Value

Special Report SAD

Sometimes the diets and fads that we get into to lose weight, for whatever reason, are really worse than the excess weight itself.

Diets are something you start and finish. In fact, many diets warn you that you should not stay on them for a prolonged period of time. It’s kind of like the over the counter drugs that you buy with the warning to only use the product for a limited time. Continued use can have damaging effects.

So it is with many of the fad diets (including high protein diets). They can cause health problems of greater severity than that posed by a person’s excess weight.

It’s time you learned the SAD Truth about High Protein Diets from this Special Report!


My weight is still going down and I have lost 82 pounds to date. I will be in Canada for the month of August and hope to have reached my goal of 100 pounds lost by that time. The friends I will be visiting do not know about the weight loss and it will be a lot of fun when I get off the plane to see if they recognize me as it has made a tremendous impact on my appearance. Thanks again.
Hazel King


Phase 7

The 3 Foods to Avoid +3 Commandments of Eating – Special Report

$37.00 Value

Speical Report 3 common

In this Special Report, Dr. Wayne “The Mango Man” Pickering with his special guests, Dr. Douglas Graham, D.C. and Nick Nicholas, C.S.P., discuss the 3 Foods to Avoid at All Cost and the 3 Commandments of Eating.

Life is a Joy to be Lived and not a Problem to be Solved! Your Food Intake can either Lift You Up or Bring You Down.

Discover how to Maximize Your Energy Levels by Learning the Difference Between Energy Gaining and Energy Draining Foods!

You can be Happier and More Fun to be with. Learn these Secrets and Get Yourself Back in the Mood for Enjoying Life.



For years now I have suffered from stomach pains. At the age of 10 I was told I had an ulcer. I always tried to eat good food but all to no avail. Now that I have discovered your program I feel like a million dollars! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Sheree McMullen

St. Peters, PA

Dr. Wayne

I am a 49-year-old woman who has had two children and is presently a homemaker full time. I am also an athlete for I have competed in marathons, tri events and bike racing. I hike, and do a variety of other active sports. I tried a vegan diet in college and was unsuccessful because the main part of the nutrients came from bread and sweets and nuts so I gained a lot of weight. Currently, I have been gaining weight every year since I had my ten-year-old.

I started as a size 14 and I am now a size 10 with a struggle to keep at that size. The last month I was completely out of control for I was primarily eating sugars and fats most of the day to keep me going. Mixed with coffee and coke in between I was increasingly tired and starting to look and feel horrible.

I went away for a week and tried to detoxify myself off of these horrible foods but eating a lot of prepared vegetables and heavy amounts of protein. I also felt horrible but better than I had with the sugars and fats.

The last two weeks since I’ve been enjoying your program have been enormous for me. Even though it has only been two weeks I have noticed a huge change in my moods and my behavior. I am totally off of coffee now and I have replaced my fluid with distilled water. I am following your wonderful program as much as I can and I am noticing skin changes and well as the bagging in my eyes. My skin has gone from a dry scaling texture to a soft smooth quality without any lotions. My eyes are not puffy and retaining water. This alone is a remarkable change. The complexion on my face is also different.

Other benefits, as increased energy is very significant. I have not once craved any sugars or fats. The taste of the fruits and vegetables is alive and very distinctive. My teeth have also become white and also have a different texture to them. My mind feels clearer and I am not groggy at night and in the morning. I have More Energy with the sports instead of dumping caffeine in my body before each event. The best part is the obvious weight loss in only two weeks. My ten size pants are becoming loser and I can see some of the cellulite going. My plan is to never go back to the other way of eating. The benefits are too enormous to count on this diet. I have been telling my friends about it and of course most people do not believe you because they cannot conceive that food could make such a big difference.

Dale Lachtman

Portola Valley, CA

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